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Dtrack Side Channel Outdoor Blind System

We all love a good gathering in the backyard. Outdoor spaces are an extension of our homes and the perfect place for entertaining, until they’re not. The sweltering Australian sun, or rain and wind, can wreak havoc on our social lives, until now.

Outdoor blinds allow you to enhance the usability of spaces like your patio, pergola, or verandah, no matter what the weather is like. By enclosing these areas, you can significantly reduce the glare on a hot day or keep the wind and rain away while still being able to enjoy it.

Yet blinds alone aren’t enough — to make the most of your setup, you need a retention system. The only downside of doing this is the industrial look and feel.

That’s where our range of Dtrack products comes in.

The Dtrack system incorporates all the features expected in a retention system, minus the jarring aesthetics. Gone are the angles and edges thanks to Dtrack’s soft framing curves. Now the slim-line bottom bar has a smoother, rounder, more pleasing appearance.

Track Guided Systems: Simple, Safe and Secure

Appearance aside, track guided systems have many more advantages. For starters, they’re structurally sound and sturdy. Traditional mechanisms that aren’t supported by any type of retention mechanism and tend to flop around when it’s windy, which defeats the purpose of installing them in the first place.

Track guided systems are stable, and do a great job at sealing and insulating the enclosed space; keeping the rain, wind, and insects out at all times.

Another wonderful benefit is that operating these does not require the use of any pulleys, ropes, zips or crank handles. These traditional mechanisms are highly prone to damage as they’re constantly exposed to the elements. The zips and ropes often get jammed, and you always need the crank handle to be easily accessible.

All of this can be avoided with track guided systems. To operate these, you do not require any special tools (unless you want to automate them). You can easily draw them open or close them by hand, and they’ll stay where you left them. This adds to the overall safety of your home, especially if you have little kids or pets running around.

Dtrack Side Channel Outdoor Blinds

Our team at ICL has a unified vision — to make Australian homes more ergonomic, livable and aesthetic. Backed with years of experience in this industry, and knowledge gained through R&D, we’re proud to present to you our version of the retention blind system; Dtrack.

The goal was to recreate and revisit this system in a way that is better in every aspect. With a carefully selected track configuration and overall design, our retention system is robust, and can withstand even the harshest conditions.

Complementary components and features include:

Wall Mounts

Consistency and aesthetics are inseparable. For your setup to look complete, the design and colour of your wall mounts needs to match with the tracks. They also need to be easy to use.

Dtrack wall mounts have been specifically designed to make the installation a breeze. It can easily be pre-drilled by making use of the centre score line. Each length has been manufactured with a step height to allow for installation on round posts.

These are available in pre-powder coated colors like:

  • Satin Black,
  • Custom Cream, and
  • Paperbark.

Sizes include 3.0 metre lengths and, also Mill finishes in 2.5 metre and 6.0 metre lengths.

Track Inserts

The specially designed track inserts are the main feature that sets our Dtrack system apart from the rest. It comes with a smooth rounded profile designed to enhance and frame the fabric while minimising visible zips or Kadar spline edges.

The track mechanism and the wall mount combination gives you the ability to adjust the system for optimum ease of operation. 

Automation Ready

If you aren’t a fan of manually operated systems, you’d be happy to know that the Dtrack system is fully automation ready. Motorising these components is as easy as plug and play.

For more information or a quote, feel free to get in touch with us today!