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SIDE RETENTION blind systems have been available for a number of years.

Most, when combined with the appropriate fabric, allow you to take the “indoors outside”, increasing living and entertaining areas by providing year round protection from the elements and options for quick easy operation.

What they all have in common is the hard industrial look and feel. Until now!

ICL are pleased to announce the release of their new Dtrack side retention blind system.

The Dtrack incorporates all the features expected in a side retention system, however using our years of industry experience, combined with knowledge gained in research and development in the side retention blind system ICL have made it even better.

Q: How?
A: Gone are the angles and edges, replaced with Dtrack soft framing curves. Now the slim-line bottom bar and side channels have a smoother, rounder, more pleasing look about them.

Q: How?
A: The customer is more discerning, looking at the overall aesthetics, with greater expectations of what they want. Dtrack fulfils this need.

Dtrack Wall Mount
The well mount has been specifically designed to assist with ease of installation.

It can be pre-drilled before going onsite by making use of the centre score line.

Each length has been manufactured with a step height to allow for installation on round posts.

Available in pre-powder coated SATIN BLACK, CUSTOM CREAM and PAPERBARK in 3.0 meter lengths reducing production costs and loss of time. Also Mill finish in 2.5 meter and 6.0 meter lengths.

Dtrack Side Channel
The specially designed side channel is the main feature that sets this Dtrack system apart from the rest.

It’s smooth rounded profile is designed to enhance and frame the fabric while minimizing visible zips or Kadar spline edges.

The side channel and the wall mount combination give you the ability to adjust the Dtrack for optimum ease of operation.


Dtrack Side Channel

Track Insert

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